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      Working on R3!

      Working on R3!
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      Comment here for free money

      @Elementalish your free money is here. Just come one down and get it.
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      Okay that's a little sus.

      Okay that's a little sus.
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      Comment here for free money

      monmonmon Disney better not mess up Bad Batch.
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      The Future of FeaturedSpace

      Hey there guys. There's been a lot of silence lately on what exactly is going on with FeaturedSpace. As you may know, we were aiming for a launch sometime this summer. And while we did manage to complete a soft-launch, we ended up being much farther from our goal than I had originally...
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      Hey guys, we're looking for any and all input about our current gamemodes on this thread! Post any advice you have and we will look through and implement the best suggestions!
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      Soft Launch | OneShot, Survival, and Lobby Updates!

      Hey there! It's us again! After having a successful Launch Party on August 1st (thanks to everyone that attended), we have been working hard to bring some basic new updates to the servers! The first update of note is our Core. We have worked hard and are proud to announce that we are almost...
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      Random Thread

      Re-opened after incompetent admin closed.