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  • The Future of FeaturedSpace


    Staff member
    Hey there guys. There's been a lot of silence lately on what exactly is going on with FeaturedSpace.

    As you may know, we were aiming for a launch sometime this summer. And while we did manage to complete a soft-launch, we ended up being much farther from our goal than I had originally predicted. This led to a delay that resulted in many entanglements and further delays.

    I think it's best to begin by explaining why we are delaying at all in the first place. As you know the network currently hosts one gamemode called "OneShot". This is currently the only publically accessible gamemode on the network (we also have a survival server that's simply there as a placeholder). There is a secondary gamemode called "Breakout" that we've been working on for the majority of the summer and the break-time given to us due to the pandemic.

    This gamemode was designed to be an MMO gamemode that had many hub servers hosting an overall connected ecosystem. One of the main issues with this gamemode was its scope. It was (and still is) a very big undertaking. You can find out more about this gamemode by reading some of the previous announcements on this page. The point is, Breakout is meant to be played in a multiplayer environment but is still a very functional game without multiplayer (it has campaigns, quests, etc).

    GIven the required presence of these quests, profiles, and detailed NPCs, there were designers who were helping to create the vision for this game. The main two on this team were @63vdub and @Mustachio. After they left, we had a semi-complete game-design and campaign, along with a half-finished prototype built by me for the actual mechanics of the game.

    The design team and the development team were both working at the same time but on very different topics. The issue is that some of the tasks assigned to the design team were crucial to progression in the development cycle, but were not completed in a timely manner. This resulted in delays in development that were not necessary. We have learned now that we should create a very specific chasm between design and development that allows for a bridge between the two, existing purely for the transfer of necessary information.

    Besides the issues listed above, there were other issues with development such as the creation of JARVIS and other side-projects being worked on diligently by the team. Overall the schedule was very tight and our chances of completing to the level of excellence that I require were very low.

    Given the circumstances of the design team being dissipated, as well as the start of school, I decided to take a step back from developing and managing FeaturedSpace for a bit to get my affairs in order. That break is now over. I am proceeding to continue FeaturedSpace development at full steam ahead!

    Given this news, the rest of the team is also beginning to re-mobilize. "So, when are you planning on releasing then, Noah?" you may be asking. The answer is at best unclear. I do not want to begin making schedules again and attempting to predict the efficiency at which we will operate, especially given that the school year has begun and many on our team are still in high school.

    What you should gather from this is that FeaturedSpace is continuing on and we are not planning on stopping. We stopped for a short break to fix our team and figure out where our inefficiencies were. The mistakes we've made in the past are being recognized and acted on. We will not let you guys down.

    I know that our playerbase is practically non-existent, besides my friends, of course. I intend to release these project updates not only for the recording of our development cycle, but also to update those that are curious. If you want to receive notifications for when these updates are released, you should join our discord.

    Thanks for your patience guys,
    Noah (Lead Developer)