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  • Soft Launch | OneShot, Survival, and Lobby Updates!


    Staff member
    Hey there!

    It's us again! After having a successful Launch Party on August 1st (thanks to everyone that attended), we have been working hard to bring some basic new updates to the servers!

    The first update of note is our Core. We have worked hard and are proud to announce that we are almost done with JARVIS. This also brings some bad news, as this means we will be having a scheduled maintenance on Thursday anywhere from 2PM-9PM EST.

    OneShot has also seen some action as we integrate inventory menus (a new and cool feature I've never seen done before). And some new updates to how perks work. We have also updated the starting coins amount from when you initially join from 0 to 3000 coins. Just enough to purchase any of the three classes available in the /shop.

    We have also finally brought our Survival server to 1.16! This means a couple of things for our players that still use 1.8 or 1.7. You may find glitches and errors involving vehicles and mobs that aren't possible to fix without an amount of effort that would supersede the results. Anyways, we are super excited to have our server on the latest version! Fly around on your elytras, or something...

    Lastly, we have also updated our Lobbies (it should be going live on Monday night) to finally have cosmetics, crates, and some other cool stuff! This is really big because we want to allow our playerbase to have perks/cosmetics to show off to their friends on the server! You can earn crates, which in turn can be used to gain cosmetics, by playing on the server! It's super cool!

    We are also working on implementing game-based cosmetics, especially for OneShot. You can win these by specifically getting a "Game Cosmetic Crate" (if that's what it's called by Monday; that's a terrible name).

    Next up, we have some information for you regarding Breakout, our newest gamemode that (somewhat) realistically simulates a real prison experience for players! No more mindless mining (like seriously, is that even entertaining?), real content, real game. It's gonna be awesome. We are currently sitting at about 50% complete in terms of its development.

    We will release some cool pictures and screenshots soon just to give you guys a sneak peek!

    Overall, this soft-release has been a huge success, and it's all thanks to our great team, and you guys, the ones that troll us and still play not he servers occasionally!

    Cheers :coffee:,
    The FeaturedSpace Team