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  • Deliberations, Decisions, and Delays


    Staff member
    Hey guys.

    This week has been a difficult week. It's not very easy for me to say this, but we screwed up. Big time. We set out to launch this Saturday (August 15th) or a couple of days after (up to the 17th). This would seem fine if we hadn't attempted to complete all of our major systems in one week.

    The hard part about being a team is that sometimes that team loses parts that are vital to its operation temporarily (I.E. a team member being unable to work for a day). Not only were we trying to complete two major systems and a final product gamemode in one week, but we also did not even have the resources to do it, let alone the idea that we could complete such daunting tasks in that amount of time.

    We have reached a decision that I think is the best way to proceed. We are going to delay until I decide that it is best to release it. This could mean 1 week, or 3. I don' really know. I'm not comfortable releasing a product that I feel is half-finished.

    For those of you that feel betrayed, I am deeply sorry. I know we've been living under the promise to release for a while now (but we're not Star Citizen, for heaven's sake). We will release soon, that I can promise. We need to get some team elements in order before we can begin to work efficiently as a team again.

    You may see some new players logging onto the server, and that is because we placed an ad that cannot be retracted. However, these new players may choose to join our community and hang with us, waiting for release. I ask that you guys treat these new players with respect and show them how to use our servers and gamemodes properly (we know that there isn't much in terms of tutorials yet).

    Overall I am disappointed, but not because we were unable to release, but rather that I over-estimated our abilities as a team. It's my job to be as capable as possible and be able to predict our capacities in order to set proper deadlines and plan accordingly. For that I'm sorry.

    Nothing has changed too much though! We are still working hard to bring you guys Breakout, and OneShot is going to be getting a lot of attention in the next couple of days.

    Much love,
    Noah (Founder and Lead Developer)